Azure RMS Connector Installation Issue

When trying to set up the Azure Active Directory Rights Management Server Connector, I ran into some problems when trying to install the Connector in relation to the credentials to connect to Azure RMS.

I followed the Microsoft steps at to create a new account and grant this account “ConnectorAdministrator” permissions. Note: If you are an account that does not have an email address, you must use the ObjectID parameter in order to add the account to the ConnectorAdministrator role. You can get this information by using the Azure Active Directory cmdlet Get-MSOLUser.

Once I had my account created and permissions granted, I tried to use this account in the Microsoft Rights Management Connector setup wizard. Here, I kept getting an Invalid Username and Password error. I tested my new user account via the Office 365 portal and it worked fine. I also double and triple checked the password and confirmed it was correct. I then tried using some new passwords and found that a different password worked. This implies that there must be a bug in the setup wizard. In my case, the character that was causing the failure was a “&” symbol. If the password for the account contains a “&” symbol, the wizard will fail the login. Apparently there is an issue with the password field handling certain symbols. I didn’t try every symbol combination but I found others characters that worked fine.

So, if you have problems running this setup wizard, check your passwords and consider trying passwords that contain different characters.

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