Room Mailboxes in Exchange 2007

When you setup a room account you create the account as a “room mailbox” in Exchange.  This is done in the Exchange Management Console (Recipient Configuration > Mailbox > New Mailbox…).

This creates a special AD account with special attributes.  These properties can be figured two ways.  First (recommended), through the Exchange Management Shell (powershell integration of Exchange).  Second is through OWA (this requires you granting yourself Full Mailbox Access to your regular account and then using the connect to mailbox feature in OWA to connect to the resource).  Once connected, in options, there is a resource setting page.

When managing with the Shell, you can use the “Set-MailboxCalendarSettings” cmdlet to manage resource mailboxes.  Here is a reference of the available parameters:

Here is a common example of using the command with a new resource mailbox:

Set-MailboxCalendarSettings conferenceroom100 -Automate Processing AutoAccept -DeleteSubject $False -DeleteComments $False -AllBookInPolicy $False -BookInPolicy:finance,hr

You can use the following cmdlet example to view all configured properties:

Get-MailboxCalendarSettings conferenceroom100 | fl

You can also convert existing mailboxes to room mailboxes using the following cmdlet example:

set-mailbox conferenceroom100 -Type Room

This last cmdlet example will report the current type of a mailbox, this is useful when verifying success of the above cmdlet

get-mailbox conferenceroom100 | select Name, IsResource

Once a mailbox is configured this way, you can book a resource in Exchange 2007 directly as a room.

Applies to: Exchange 2007

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